July 14, 2013

Here is Elder G’s 2nd email.  Sounds like things are going pretty good.  Here is what he had to say.

“Hey, everyone.  Guess what today is?  Yep, its P-day here at the MTC.  Things have been going good; I have just been really busy.  Let’s see…Japanese has been more difficult this week since I have been slightly under the weather.  It’s not been fun.  Been pushing myself to keep up, but one day I think I pushed a little to far because I had to leave last class early and go back to quarters for a nap.  I was that burned out!  I am feeling much better though.  

Last Sunday’s devotional was awesome!  And if I’m not mistaken, this weeks devo might be a broadcast, so Mom will have to see if she can watch it.  Maybe she’ll see me in the choir with the rest of my district lol.  My companion sings tenor and I sing base, so we don’t sit together, but some of the other Elders sit with me.  Just for you info.  Try going to lds.org; I could be wrong, but I think it might be broadcasted.  Just don’t get your hopes up and be all mad if its not and I’m wrong.  Please don’t shoot the messenger lol.  

It’s really hard teaching “investigators” in Nihon-go.  And don’t even get me started on following sacrament meetings in the language, but I’m slowly improving.  Again, the grammar is the hardest part; especially being able to form sentences on the spot or conjugating verbs correctly.  It’s pretty troublesome, but with the help of the Lord, I am starting to overcome and progress.  We have a thing called SYLing, which stands for speak in your language.  Basically, if you know the word in Japanese, don’t say it in English.  I have been doing better in that too and can see how God is increasing my vocabulary.  

We haven’t had any General Authorities come and speak yet, but we have had some Ameritus General Authorities.  I am so pumped about tonights broadcast!  Sundays fireside was about letting the Lord guide us to those seeking the gospel and that God does not give up on anyone because we are His children and He loves us.  We also had a devotional about receiving personal revelation and how to pray correctly; more like, how to be more personable in our prayers.  

My district and I are getting along.  They are all awesome and funny, but so super spiritual.  Oh how I have been blessed so much by the Lord who is the fount where all blessings flow and who has a perfect love for me and each and everyone of us.

The Elders of the District

The Sisters of the District

Kamisama wa Ten no Otosama to Shitte imasu, lesu Kirisuto no mina ni yotte akashi shimasu, Amen.  

There you have it-my first testimony in Japanese.  Til next week!”

He is SOOOO amazing.  Love my brother soo much.  Keep sending lots of love and prayers his way, he would greatly appreciate it.  And any letters you can send would be great.  His MTC address is in the side column.  As of today, he only has a few weeks left in the MTC and then he leaves to rock Japan!

  • Mendookusai=annoying or troublesome
  • Kamisama= Mr. God (form of respect)
  • Ten no Otoosama=Heavenly Father
  • To Shitte imasa=I know that
  • Iesu Kirisuto=Jesus Christ
  • Sukuinushi=Savior
  • Inori=prayer
  • Kotearu=to answer
  • Mina=all, everyone
  • ni yotte=depending on/according to
  • akashi=testimony
  • shimasu=to do/to play

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