July 9, 2013

This was the email from a couple weeks ago.  He finally has been able to get on the computers at the MTC and start getting a weekly email to the family going.  Here is what he had to say.

Hey everyone, sorry that last week’s email didn’t go through.  I will do a quick sum up of last week and this week.  Everything has generally been going good.  First week was interesting, especially since the first lessons from day one have been in Nihon-go (Japanese).  As I said last week, this whole experience has made me realize how much I know, but how much I didn’t or should I say don’t know.  We have also been practicing everyday on how to teach investigators the discussions in Nihon-go.  Since we all kinda don’t know the language, its been really interesting haha.

We have had some really good talks and devotionals here.  On the first Sunday, Robert P. Swanson, who was the director of missionary service, gave a talk with tips on how to be a better missionary.  Last Tuesday’s devotional, given by Matthew O Richardson who is the second consoler in the General Sunday School Presidency, spoke about how our actions greatly affect our missionary efforts.  You know, how we conduct ourselves reflects in our teaching.

  In our second week, we taught some more investigators, who are really teachers taking on the role of people being taught.  It was okay.  The Fourth of July was a down day here which trickled into the weekend.  The best part about the Fourth was that we had a pretty cool program here at the MTC and then got to watch “17 Miracles”.  To top that off, we got to stay up til 10:45 pm finishing the movie and getting to watch the fireworks.  It was awesome!  We have also had some other awesome devos about being bold and seeking the word first before teaching it; I sing in the MTC choir and always get awesome seating at devotionals. 

NIhon-go is coming on good; the hardest part is the grammar and sentence patterns (it is definitely more complicated then I thought).  One of the coolest things going on right now is that missionaries from Nippon are getting to come into class and talk to us in Nihon-go.  What great practice, right?  They are so funny and understanding and it has been really a great experience.  Great prep for Nippon.  And I have made some pretty good friends with some Japanese elders here at the MTC; Elder Sasaki, Elder Mitabi, and Elder Etchu.  


Oh, I am also living in the main MTC-not the secondary MTC like we originally thought-so that’s cool.  In my room with me is my companion Elder Beck along with Elders Scowcroft and Peterson (companions), Elders Nelson and Weckesser (also companions).  Elder Weckesser is from Canada, Elder Scowcroft is from New York,  and the other elders are all from Utah.   The remainder of my district consists of one more elder companionship, Elders Gass and Roylance.  Then there are the sisters; Sisters Weigl and Asto, Sisters Hunt and Griffen, and Sisters Howden and Cain.  Sister Weigl is from DC and Sister Hunt is from Arkansas.  Sisters Griffen and Cain are both from California.  They are also both part Japanese and have duel citizenship, which is really cool.  Howden is from Utah.  I love my district; they feel like family, so don’t worry, Mom, I am being well taken care of.  Elder Beck’s mother even sent me a care package.   

The most spiritual experience to date has to have been in this last fast and testimony meeting; the Spirit was so strong.  Well, that’s all. Thanks for the info about Brother Bond.  I will keep him in my prayers.  Til next time, Syonara.”

It is interesting to go through these emails, because Elder G is starting to incorporate Japanese words into his writing.  He is literally substituting words like we all know the language-its so funny.  I have translated for the sake of easier reading, but here is a brief list of the words that he used in this email…

  • NIhon-go=Japanese
  • Eigo=English
  • Nihon=Japan
  • Choro=Elder
  • Nihon-jin=Japanese people
  • tomodachis=friends
  • senkyoshi=missionary
  • shimai=Sister
  • Kyodai=Brother
  • okaason=mother
  • syonara=goodbye

One thought on “July 9, 2013

  1. That kind of reminds me of my time at the MTC. It’s great to see that they still do the same kinds of things 18 years later!

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