July 21, 2013

I love how well detailed all of Elder G’s emails are.  Its really nice to know about what’s going on in such wonderful details.  Here is email #3.

Konnichiwa Mina-san, I guess today is p-day and another week has gone by.  Okay, first off Mom, sorry that I got it wrong about the broadcast.  I told you that I wasn’t for sure about whether it was going to be a public broadcast.  It was broadcast, but only to the other MTC’s.  My singing went really well though.  We sang “Nearer My God to Thee”.  Tonight, we are singing “Praise to the Man” and I am so pumped.

Got my hair cut today, woot!  Now my hair is back down to 3/4″ on me head lol.  To answer your question, Mom, my name tag has the name of the Church in Kanji/Katakana and my name is in English right now.  But that will change cause I’ll be getting a new set before I leave for NIhon.  So, yes, I will have two name tags; one with my name in English and the other with my name in Katakana.

Awesome about your getting a Primary calling with Michelle (our sister).  And I will be sure to look out for Elder Cook; I haven’t seen him yet, but we’ll see.  Also congrats to Garry getting a CNA job.  I wasn’t worried in the least; I knew he would get something.  The Lord always provides.  

Devotionals this week were pretty awesome-as usual.  At the last one, the one that I sang at, Richard G Hinckley, an emeritus General Authority, talked about receiving personal revelation.  And then, I forget the name of the Sister who spoke last Sunday, but she talk about following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  She also used quite a few pioneer examples, which was awesome.  Also, we have been able to watch talks that are broadcast to the MTC.  So I have also heard talks from Elder Holland and Elder Bednar.  Elder Bednar’s talk was called the “Character of Christ“; best part about it was when Bednar did a Cookie Monster impression.  We have also been allowed to watch the Joseph Smith movie and The Testaments in Nihon-go which has been fun.

On a couple of random notes, apparently, my impression of Golem from Lord of the Rings is really good that it creeps out my companion and the Elders in my room.  I really don’t know how it started or why I started, but it did and its funny.  And then one night, we got called to the front desk and it was a package from Elder Beck’s mother again.  Except it was leaking because she sent us some frozen Gatorade and 2 lbs of swedish fish.  It was a nice surprise, but it was funny that the package was leaking.  

My Japanese is coming along ok; grammar is still really getting the best of me.  Oh, and writing the Hiragana and the Katakana.  Oh, and one more cool fact is that my Branch President if the grandson and President Spencer W. Kimball.  Well, gotta go.  Syonara.  And sorry for no pictures.  Hopefully next week I can send some.

Sounds like he is doing really well.  Hopefully, we can get some more photos soon.  Love ya, brother.  You are awesome!

  • Kon’nichi wa=Good Afternoon
  • Min’na-san=Everybody, everyone
  • Hiragana=Japanese syllabary used for writing Japanese words
  • Katakana=Japanese syllabary used for writing foreign words or words introduced into their language
  • Kanji=which refers to the 2000 Chinese characters that the Japanese have adopted into their language
  • kohai=junior in age, rank, or position
  • senpai=senior, elder, predecessor
  • dai-senpai=big or large or “big senior”
  • Seirei=Holy Ghost
  • Josefu Sumisu=Joseph Smith
  • subarashi=wonderful, amazing, awesome
  • sayoonara=goodbye

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