July 28, 2013

Email #4 was a long one, and he kept sending extra little ones with things he forgot to tell us; it was so cute!  This marks his one month in the MTC, so that’s pretty exciting. He also sent a few pictures of the MTC which is pretty cool.  Here ya go…

“Well, friends, it is P-day already and I am amazed at how time flies by here; it is so hard to believe that I start into my sixth week which leaves me with four weeks til I leave for Nihon.  Its crazy!  Some days it feels like I just reported.  灰 げんきです Beck ちょろ と わたし are doing fine. (Yes, I am healthy and Elder Beck and I are doing fine; I LOVE THAT HE IS WRITING IN JAPANESE!!)  The MTC computers are awesome; I was way excited to write that in Japanese for everyone.  tee hee…

This week has gone really well.  My Nihon-go is starting to really come along and its all starting to make a little sense.  I am understanding particles and how to use them; I just love how its all coming together.  Sometimes, it makes more sense then English because it is not a language filled with grammatical exceptions.  Our progressing “investigators” are doing well too.  I sometimes forget that they are not real investigators and that makes the classes really fun.  I love being a せんきょし (missionary).  I am so excited to go to Japan.  To share an interesting fact, I have heard a lot of prophecies here that Japan is to become one of the most successful missions in the world.  I don’t know, its supposedly something that Heber J Grant shared.  Pretty cool, eh? I seriously think that prophecy is getting much closer to being fulfilled.  I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but there have been soo many missionaries called to Japan lately.  And I think its just going to continue to increase.   

MTC @ Devo


My companion and I are Sacrament coordinators.  Pretty much, we get to prepare the sacrament and call on elders to pass and bless it each week in Japanese.  Thought I would share, lol.

We had some awesome devotionals this week.  Sister and Elder Carmack spoke to us; he is an emeritus General Authority.  Elder Carmack spoke about contending but not being contentious.  Like, being contentious is bad and not of the Lord, but to be contending is good because your not giving up and you are working on past difficulties.  It was really cool.  Last nights devo talked about teaching with the scriptures and being obedient.  The best talk this week, though, had to have been Elder Holland’s broadcast to the MTC.  He spoke about being called to missions for life.  Eternal life is not cheap and being a disciple is not easy (missions will be hard, etc.), but that its suppose to be that way.  He also said that being an Elder of the church/missionary was like having the apostolic keys just in a minor form.  It was a thought and view that I had not thought of.  It was cool. 

These last four weeks have been amazing.  I have changed so much since I entered and I have learned so much about how to teach the Gospel.  I feel like I have learned so much about what the Gospel really is about and I feel my testimony growing each day.  I know that the Gospel can bless peoples lives and that it can bring peace and joy and happiness.  I cannot fully describe how much the Atonement means to me and much I know that our Heavenly Father loves us.  I have felt that love so much since being here and the love that He has for each of you and everyone who has ever lived on this Earth.  Its amazing.  I really love being here.  I’m so excited to go and invite others to come unto Christ.  That is my joy and my purpose as a missionary.  Oh, how I desire for the people of Japan to be able to partake of the fruit that is so desirous above all others.  I love you all and I know I am where Heavenly Father wants me to be.  Til next week.”

I want to joy Elder G’s testimony with my own.  I know that God loves each of us and that He has a plan for us all.  I know that my brother is where God wants Him to be, and that I am where God wishes my family.  I know that this is the true and living Gospel.  I know that Gospel has the power to bring happiness.  I know that Jesus and His Atonement has the power to heal hearts and bind lives.  I know that all the Elder G has shared is the truth and I testify of his words.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • hai, genki desu=I’m fine
  • senkioshi=missionary
  • disciple of Kirisuto=disciple of Christ
  • tegami=letter
  • Ten no Otoosama=Heavenly Father

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