August 11, 2013

Well, this is the most current letter and its pretty short this week.  I think that he is getting pretty busy and gearing up for his travels.  Hope you enjoy!  I love hearing from him and all the fun that he is having.

Well everyone, its that day of the week again. It so exciting that the weeks are flying by and I am getting closer to Japan with every email that I send.  I am exactly two weeks now from flying out.  It is the most excited I think I have ever been for anything.  Our Nihon-jin (the Japanese escort companions) have already come in; the ones that will be going to Japan with us.  This Thursday, I should receive my travel plans wooohooo!  

Things are going really good at here though.  I’ve been working really hard, especially at Nihon-go.  So, I hope Josh is not let down, but I can’t teach any grammar right now cause its my toughest language aspect.  I know I am always misconjugating verbs and I hope I can improve in the near future.  

We invited one of our progressing “investigators” to a baptism and she accepted.  It is such joy, even if its only a sister playing an investigator.  Think of the great joy when someone truly accepts the gospel and to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized because they believe in the truth and believe in all the joy it will bring to their lives.  We live in amazing times.

One thing that we started doing in our district is complimenting each other.  Its really cool actually.  Every morning, one of the missionaries will say something nice about every other missionary in the district and then in the evening, everyone will say something nice about that particular missionary.  Its really awesome because we are able to look at the good qualities of our brothers and sisters and not at the negative.  It has really helped our district grow closer together.  Oh, thanks Mom for the package and Sarah for the letter.  It was so nice to get something in the mail.

We had some great devotionals Sunday.  We had Brother Heiten, who is the administrative director of the MTC, and he talked about  the purpose of the “Our Purpose” section of Preach My Gospel.  He suggested that the purpose is to be reconciled to God and to receive a remission of sins.  Oh, and I fully back to singing in choir again.  Our director indicated that we might be getting a special visitor to speak tonight (August 11).  We are all hoping its an apostle or a member of the First Presidency, but we’ll see.  

The temple is reopened now, so this will shape up to be the best p-day ever!  We are going this afternoon.  Not really that much else is going on.  Fully filled to the brim with the Spirit and with the gratitude to my Savior.  I love you all and I am so glad to be here.” 

  • Kaicho=brother
  • bunpo=grammar
  • tango o oshieru dekimasu= teach vocabulary
  • baputesuma=baptism
  • kyudosha=investigator
  • yorokobi=joy
  • sukuinushi=savior
  • shinden=temple
  • Kaichoo=President

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