August 18, 2013 (Final P-day in MTC)

Sorry for the delay in posting…I know that I am a couple of weeks behind.  Right after I posted last, I got sick with strep throat and with trying to nurse that and take care of my kid while my husband worked, well I was kinda busy and way tired.  And then, we had some slight family craziness to sort thru.  But, never fear all is well and I will catch you guys up presently.

This next letter was sent on his last full p-day in the MTC.  It also includes his flight info and travel plans for the 27th, as well as any last minute thoughts he might have on his experience thus far.  So here it is folks, ENJOY!

“Well, its here!  My last p-day here at the MTC.  Wow, it has gone by so fast.  I don’t even feel ready with the language yet, and the thought of going to Nihon next week has me intimidated.  But that’s a given since most of the language learning occurs in the field.  Most of what we do here is learn to recognize and listen to the Spirit while trying to learn how the teach.  I’m not saying that I won’t be able to speak it, but it won’t be as I would like.  Oh well, it will come in time. 

I don't think he is flying Air Japan, pretty sure it Delta, but I couldn't get a decent photo of a Delta flight.

I don’t think he is flying Air Japan, pretty sure it Delta, but I couldn’t get a decent photo of a Delta flight.

Otherwise, its been going great.  I’m nervous for Nihon and for traveling to a place outside of the USA and not understanding a thing about customs or what not, but at the same time-I am soo excited!  Speaking of traveling, I have my travel itinerary.  I hope you got it too, but here is the general idea of what will take place next week.  I leave on the 27th of August, so aka next p-day.  We will be leaving way early in the morning, so I won’t be sending out any emails.  We have to be at the travel office by 4:30 am!  We are the largest group ever shipping out to Nihon at the same time-a whole 32 of us-so it is going to be really fun and interesting.  I am set to leave Salt Lake Airport around 8:30 am and I think that we arrive in Seattle, Washington at 9:30.  We will then have a two hour layover in Seattle and then we board the super long flight to Nihon.  I will be landing straight into Osaka, so I won’t have to catch a connecting flight to my area!   WOOT!  I should be giving Mom a phone call sometime that morning, so keep your phone on.  Oh and I have received my name tags in Katakana and they look awesome!  

Tuesday’s devotional was pretty amazing.  Remember my mentioning that we might receive a General Authority this week?  Well, we did!  We got to hear Elder Richard G Scott speak to us about prayer and the sacredness of it.  One thing that really stuck out to me was that he mentioned the importance of not rushing our prayers like we all do sometimes and to not make the prayers repetitive.  You know, the importance of not only praying to God, but talking to Him.  He also talked about how we sometimes thinks that God has not heard us when we don’t receive an answer right away.  But, it is not to withhold us, but to help us grow and that through faith and trust, we can be brought to understand the Lord’s timing in everything.  It was so great and you could just feel the love that he had for us as he spoke.  Oh how great it was to hear an apostle of the Lord speak directly.  He pronounced a blessing on us; that we might learn the language and receive the gift of tongues through our faith.  I was completely edified.

The Spirit has guided me so much this week concerning our districts striving to become so much closer.  This week, we had a district “short” companion exchange where we practiced delivering the lesson with a different companion.  I taught with Scowcroft Choro.  In this lesson, my testimony of prayer was greatly reaffirmed and I feel that we taught the person we needed to teach and in turn, he taught us so much.  Lastly, I was able to administer a blessing this week to a fellow missionary and that was also a wonderfully blessed experience.  I am truly beginning to understand the importance of following the thoughts and feeling impressed by the Seirei.  The MTC has been truly amazing.  Well gotta go.  I don’t believe I will send an email next week, but look for a phone call. Love you all and may God be with you.”


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