September 7, 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting again.  I really lose track of time from time to time and all of the sudden I realize its been a month  since I have posted on Elder G’s behalf.  Well, as horrible as that is, at least I strive to keep up with this blog.  I haven’t even begun to update my blog and it been since May that I have done that.  Anyways, it sounds as if everything is going well with our Elder.  Here are a few weeks worth emailing.

“Well, Konnichiwa, it’s preparation day again.  It feels weird, because up until now I have loved p-day, but since being here I want nothing more than to be out on the street talking to people.  Tracking is so fun.  Those of you who haven’t served missions, you don’t even know lol.  Everything around me is starting to make sense and its all going great; except for last Wednesday anyways.  Last Wednesday, during the typhoon (more like a tropical storm) that blew through, my Preach My Gospel got drenched so I now have to by a new one.  My scriptures also took a hit, but never fear, I am buying a pair off my companion-the one from Pocatello, ID.  He is on his last transfer.  The scriptures look exactly like mine; he is just selling them for a lot cheaper than I would get from the homebu or mission home.  So ya, that was the bad part of the week, but still fun I suppose.   

Typhoon Man-yi in September.  View from a news report.  I can see why his scriptures got soaked.

Typhoon Man-yi in September. View from a news report. I can see why his scriptures got soaked.

Our current city of Katsura is more on the outskirts of Kyoto.  Katsura is where our apartment and church building is; the place actually used to be an old fish market. We have a downtown though; downtown is crazy, especially on a weekend night.  Lots of people and cars and such; in fact, the Kyoto Station is in our area.  It’s one of the biggest transportation stations in Japan.  We have ridden on trains and buses many times; they are our two major forms of transportation, outside of biking and walking of course.  

Kyoto Train and Bus Station.  Its so huge!!
Kyoto Train and Bus Station. Its so huge!!

Yesterday we had to see about getting a referral for an investigator who lives in our area.  This investigator is currently being taught by a companionship outside our area, so both of us our trying to work on it.  Although, when we got there, we found out he had canceled the appointment.  But there was another reason that we were sent there; I had been feeling prompted to talk to an Elder who was in my MTC district.  He is here in my district in Kobe.  Anyways, my companion had District Leader stuff to do and I got to follow up on a prompting; the Lord most certainly works in mysterious ways.  

I had a  companion exchange.  It went good.  It was different working with someone who is not my companion.  But, its something I should get used to though-I have several over the next few weeks.  We have had four lessons and we had one investigator come to church on Sunday.  We have also committed one of our progressing investigators to baptism and he accepted, woot!  I can’t send pictures because my card reader isn’t working, but I hope that I can get this fixed soon.  Continue to keep me in your prayers and continue to keep my companions and investigators in your prayers.  There are a lot of anti-Mormon groups who target those who begin to except the gospel here and ridicule and make life difficult for them.  So, please pray that life will go easier for them.  Hope all is going well.  Love you all.”

  • Eki=station (so Kyoto Eki is Kyoto Station)
  • baptisna= baptism interview
  • nichiyobi= yesterday
  • gomenisi= sorry
  • homebu= mission home
  • jane= bye

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