October 26, 2013

For some reason, I am missing a few weeks of letters, so skipping ahead a couple of weeks into his mission, here is the letter I received just tonight from this great young man!

“Konnichiwa Everyone!  Its crazy, but second transfer is close to ending and every time I think about it, it boggles my mind that I could be this close.  My mission is just speeding along, and I know I say that almost every time I write but when you work this hard you can lose track of time.  And when you finally catch your breath and look up from your work, you realize more than half a transfers gone by and you didn’t realize it.  Anyways, things are good-as good as they get.  My interview with President Kaicho was short-felt very in and out- but I didn’t have any questions or concerns.  Had some training which was great!  It was about being humble and trusting the Lord to invite persons to come unto Christ; you know, put it in his hands and don’t really worry about the rest.  It was so simple, yet so profound.  My words can hardly do it justice.  President Kaicho is a great man!  After my interview, had a one on one with one of the assistants about my concerns or investigators.  You know, mission stuff :0)

Been a bit of rough week because my companion thought for sure he lost the phone, but is was all good because the phone turned up at church.  The phone is not really working though, so we had to send it into the mission home to get it fixed and they are sending a temp.  Not fun…  We have been doing a LOT of tracking or housing, as we call it here.  With the phone being out of commission its hard to make appointments.  With all that trouble, we will probably track til the end of the transfer.  

Other than that, not much else going on.  Today, we are going back up to the Arashiyama mountains since my companion has never been.  Then we will be visiting a few new places up that way, so expect another round of pictures next week, woot woot!  Love everyone.  Not much else going on so till next week, mata ne aishite imasu.”

There was a few other sections in the letter, but they were mostly answers to some of my mother’s questions and discussing how he won’t celebrate Thanksgiving and it bites because of all the great food he will be missing out on.  I will hopefully get a reply next week and I will probably do some of my own research about specific Japanese Halloween traditions.  Til then, and a safe a Happiest of Halloweens!


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