October 5,2013

It’s October here is sunny Florida, and I am desperately missing the coldness of Utah.  I wish I were back out that direction so that I could enjoy all the pretty colors with the great folks and friends I know out that direction.  But despite the heat,  I have holiday delights already underway and the house is covered top to bottom with orange and black everywhere.  I’m even getting together a little costume party for my son.  I wonder how the Japanese celebrate Halloween?  I will have to send that question out to Elder G for some feedback.  Here is the letter from the first weekend in October…

“This letter is going to have to be pretty short, but I’ll make up for it because guess what?  I bought a new card reader finally so I am going to see about sending some decent photos next time around.  Let’s all cross our fingers.  I am still in Katsura, so I didn’t move when transfers came.  I got a new companion and trainer though.  He is a third transfer, so we are both pretty new which is making the teaching really fun.  

I was in Himeji for three days which was great because I got to see Himeji castle.  It was under renovation and you couldn’t see that much of it, but it was still very awesome.  I’ll just have to visit after my mission.  We proselyted at the train station for all three days that I was there and we found a few people who might be interested.  I tried my first full contact in Japanese and that was pretty terrifying, but I’ve gotten so much better.  It doesn’t feel weird to speak the language anymore and it’s starting to feel more and more natural.  I’m actually starting to think in Japanese which is SOOOO cool!

My new companion and I get along great and we work really hard and really well together.  Our October 27th baptism might need to be pushed back again, because he is still not ready or won’t be by then.  But, as I have stated before, I would rather has him committed and prepared to take on the covenants, than jump in and then fall away.

I got to see General Conference over the weekend.  It was awesome as usual and as expected.  It wasn’t in Japanese (we got to watch it in English).  It seemed to go by way faster than I ever remember it going though in America, but then I feel like my whole mission is just flying right by.  It’s kinda sad to think about quickly its passing.  Not much else going on.  Again, hope to get pictures to everyone next week! Ja ne!” 

I hope he gets those pictures soon!  I’m so excited to actually see what we have been hearing soo much about.  Til then, I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous week.  May the Lord bless you all!


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