September 22, 2013

After all of that delicious and somewhat disgusting food from the last post, I am thankful for my pizza and mac and cheese-aren’t you?  Anyways, here is his next email dated for September 23rd (Japan time)…

“Preparation Day is here again in the Kobe Mission.  I did survive the second typhoon that blew through here if you were worried.  We were actually really blessed because we had planned to go out and something made us really late, so by the time we were going to go out, we ended up missing and pretty much staying out of the storm which was pretty divinely guided.  The Katsura river is overflowing-it doesn’t affect were we are located, but its was crazy to see as we were biking across the bridge that crosses the river last p-day.  The water was so high!  It’s receded a bit, but let’s all pray that the typhoons will stay away for now.  The weather is quite hot and humid still, but it should be cooling off soon as we enter the month of October or so I’m told.  I here winters get crazy cold, so that will be interesting lol.  

The work here is going well.  We had an investigator come to church on Sunday.  We actually tracked into him on the street.  He is from Vietnam.  His English and Japanese are not to good, so teaching him will be interesting, but he seems willing to listen hopefully the Spirit will teach him.  Definitely the perfect scenario for that.  And we have a lot of lessons this week to do; actually going to head out for two right after we do our emailing.  

I love everything that I am doing; whether it be an exchange or what-its been awesome.  Oh, that reminds me of a story…ok, so, the last exchange I did.  I was up in Shimogamo and this elder,Elder Miller, and I got talking about the Hobbit.  Anyways, I have now apparently been dubbed Smaug by this Elder.  I don’t know why-he’s a fairly interesting person to say the least.  And speaking of other Lord of the Rings news, I named my bike Shadowfax.  

Smaug, the mighty Dragon

Smaug, the mighty Dragon

Elder G, the mighty missionary...not sure I see the resemblance!

Elder G, the mighty missionary…not sure I see the resemblance!

Going to a trainer training meeting with the entire east half of the mission tomorrow.  We had to push our second baptismal date back because the young man is just not ready to make those commitments which is sad ,but we are working hard to prepare him.  Our other investigator is starting to read the Book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday without us committing him to do it!  Great news to us.  I am going to get a mini Book of Mormon in Japanese to help make it easier to teach.  Love everyone!”

  • yaksoksha=investigator
  • morumon sho o yomimasu=Book of Mormon
  • mainichi inote=read everyday

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