September 28, 2013

Loving life is something I have always believed in.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, it is crucial to love our lives, who we are, and what we do.  Elder G is a perfect example to me of someone who loves who he is, where he is, and what God wants of him.  He definitely raises the bar for my life and my family as I try to be more like that in my day to day doings.

“Hello again.  One thing I have learned here on the mission, truly when we are in the service of fellow beings and God full-time, time flies by quickly and you lose yourself.  The first transfer is nearly over.  The guy I mentioned last week, the one from Vietnam?  It has been really fun to teach him though I almost have to self teach my self Vietnamese in order to progress with the work; definitely could use some prayers for the gift of tongues right now.  Teaching is a blast though.  Talking to everyone lately has put everything in a new light for me concerning the gospel and how and when to share it.  I have learned how crucial it is to ask specific questions in order to receive specific answers.  I have also learned how important being a true disciple is and more importantly what that really means.  A true disciple knows our Savior through study, prayer, and the Holy Ghost -who testifies so powerfully of the truth.  One thing that has really struck me and its something that I have been praying to know, is what does it mean to know Jesus Christ?  How do we know him and not just know of him?  I pray that God will lead my questions to answers soon, so that I may better be a disciple worthy of His love.  Japan is truly sacred ground to me as I have learned so much and fought so many of my own personal battles.  Truly the best experience and refiners fire a person could wish for.  

We taught about four lessons last week, one of them being with a new investigator.  A while back, we went tracking for potential investigators and knocked on a door of an apartment.  My companion introduced us and we were invited in.  While we waited in the front room of the house, there was this weird buddhist chanting.  it continued during the lesson which makes for a funny and somewhat distracting experience.  Anyways, long story short, the guy ended up trying to convert us saying that if we didn’t join his religion, we would end up going to Hades.  The lesson ended shortly after with last part of the conversation being him telling us he would join the church if we tell him the names of Heavenly Father’s parents… we think he might an equivalent to a bishop in the church, but it was still an interesting experience.  He said he would come to church, so we shall see…

I had another exchange this week with the other zone leader.  My Japanese is getting better; I can actually form sentences quite easily now on paper.  I can also write fairly easily in Hiragana.  I also am getting better at understanding the Kanji Katakana.  The trainer training meeting went well.  

Let’s see… later today looking at seeing some shrines.  I’m also going to get another haircut and we have a lesson to teach tonight.  Looking forward to General Conference, although I will receive it a week later then everyone else.  Please keep praying for our investigators and that we can continue to find people. Until then, Ja ne!”


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