November 17, 2013 (Second Area)

Well as stated above, he did transfer and I’ll let him tell you where he went… (the email is postdated right after he got papers.  He hadn’t physically transfered yet)

“Ok ok, so first big news!  As you all know transfer week has arrived and it has happened-I am leaving Katsura and will be headed to Izumo and its inaka (or lack of city-I guess it’s in the country).   My companion will be Nihon-jin (Japanese) which is great because I still don’t speak as great in comparasion with others and being with a native should help tremendously!  So if you don’t know, Izumo is on the other side of the mission.  It borders the Fukuoka mission.  It’s a long train ride out and where I will be at it will probably recieve a lot of snow.  This will be so much fun.  My district pretty much called it; they swore I would go to the country with a native speaker.  Guess they were right!  

This week has been great.  Our solid investigator had some progress in a not so usual way.  She met with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and she said that she didn’t feel anything when they taught her.  And then one day, she went out looking for churchs and when she came back to the house, she heard the doorbell ring and it was us.  She says that that was the moment she felt she knew the church was true. So she does want baptism, but she wants to  think about it?  All on their own time, but it is still super exciting.  

We had our bikes confistcated by the police because my companion and I accidently parked them is a no parking spot.  But, funny story, its because of this, we actually found an investigator.  The Lord works in mysterious ways…and don’t worry, we got the bikes back.  

Got lots to do in prep for transfer.  Got shopping and packing so my bags are ready to ship to the other side of the mission.  My prep day is going to be awesome mundane fun!  Three days left from this email in Katsura.  I’m sad about it sorta.  I got accustomed to the city, and got used to the missionaries and investigators.  I hate leaving my investigators behind, but I guess you go where the Lord wants to go and on His timing.   Hopefully there will be a place to email next week.  If not, I’ll have to go old style letter format!  lol.  Til then, from Katsura for the last time.  Ja ne, love you.”

Well there you have it folks.  Izumo it is. Here it is on the map.


Godspeed Elder G.  Our prayers and testimonies go with you.


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