November 3, 2013

I am so guilty of falling behind! Thanksgiving and Christmas preps have kept me quite busy, but hopefully with Christmas being only a week away, life will start to slow down just a little bit.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you are gearing up for a maginificient Christmas.  This next email is Elder G’s last one from his first area of the mission.  Here it goes…

“Hello, Mina-san,  its that time of the week again.  Everything is going great and the teaching pool has been actually increasing.  It had been decreasing in our area, but with the help of the Lord, its starting to turn around.  I have been really relying on Him in this work.  I have got a lot of work to do in the next two weeks here in Katsura because there is a good chance I will probably be transferred.  I am predicting that I will go to Osaka North, but I am also predicting that I will be Zone leader at third transfer which would make me the youngest (in mission lingo) they’ve had lol.  Now the chances of that happening is wide open so we shall see.  

We have a pretty good progressing investigator that we met while housing and  taught her the ‘setting the table’ lesson which is a special mission specific lesson that President Kaicho has put into practice.  We also teach a special lesson on the sacrament and on prayer. But, this woman has been taught the chart and the sacrament and prayer.  She is talking about going to church the Sunday after stake conference.  So prehaps we have a baptismal date in sight? Only God knows…

We went to Arashiyama again.  Revisted the monkey mountain and all the great things about the spot.  I have pictures to send this week from my camera and my companions, but it will have to wait on my companions photos because his batteries died.  Yuck!  It is starting to get cold here and you can definately feel winter coming.  

My Japanese is starting to much better.  Bore my testimony in Japanese at Fast and Testimony.  I kinda cheated though.  I wrote in on a piece of paper, memorized it, and then repeated it at the meeting.  It feels great to be grasping more and more each day.  Been doing a lot of housing which is giving me a great opportunity to improve and better my skills.   Well, here are the pictures that were promised…





 He’s looking good, and so are these monkeys! It must be so fun being there!  Anyways, I hope he has a great transfer and some blessing in the baptisimal department.  He is working so hard and he totally deserves it!  No new Japanese this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to teach you some new words soon…til then…


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