November 9, 2013 (Farewell Katsura)

So I apologize, this email is the last week of his time in Katsura.  I totally messed that up.  Never having gone on a mission myself, sometimes these terms and timelines get all mixed up in my brain.  Anyways, this email is short, but we shall have more to look forward to when he transfers.

“Well, here it is.  The last preparation day of my second transfer.  Next week is transfer orders and I am really kinda excited to see whether or not I am leaving.  We shall see eh?  I guess I’ll just have to work really hard to make the time speed by; that way I don’t die with anticipation.  Not that I’m in a hurry to leave-I loved my time here in Katsura-but, since this will technically be my first transfer, its kinda exciting.  

We have a fairly solid investigator. She is trying to commit to coming to church every Sunday.  We are meeting with her on Wednesday; teaching her another lesson.  And we have some potential investigators this week that we hope to make atarashi investigators.  We have been housing a lot, and lesson that we teach when we arrive at the new house is the chart, so it has been getting pretty same old same old.  But, I can definately say that I have the chart well versed.  

This last Sunday was Stake Conference which was really great.  I understood some of it.  I heard lots of kuiaratame or repentance in  there, and there was a lot of mention of the Spirit.  There was actually a speaker who was pretty profound I guess, and was pretty blunt and straight forward.  We have dubbed him the Japanese Jeffery R. Holland.  

No pictures this week.  Last preparation day, I slept alot.  But we are going out this week, so prehaps I will have something interesting to share.  Just know that life of a missionary is busy, but awesome busy!  Ja ne, love you!”

  • atarashi ivestigator= new investigator
  • kuiaratame=repentance
  • nato=okay


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