December 7, 2013

Not much in the way of email.  Like he mentioned, his companion and he have to trade off, so they don’t get that much time.  But, there is some exciting news to share in this one, and I want him to get right to that, so here we go…

“No snow here yet, Mom.  It hasn’t reached 0 Celsius, so it hasn’t been cold enough.  Second, about the Christmas phone call, our mission is not a Skype mission, so it will definately be over the phone.  I don’t know anything more than that though.  I’ll find out much closer to.  Lots and lots of rain plaugue us here in Izumo.

Things are going great here.  Fabulous actually.  My companion and I were blessed with the baptism of a 77 year old lady.  It was amazing!  Such faith she showed.  She was afraid of being immersed in the water, but she showed so much faith by going forward and recieving the blessing of baptism.  It was definitley one of the happiest days of my life. My joy and happiness for her was just overflowing.  I know that if I have this feeling for just one soul coming unto Christ, I definately want this feeling everyday for the rest of my mission.  It definately is an inspiration to me to try even harder.  

My mission is truly defining who I am and it feels like a time of proving my faithfulness to the Lord.  I feel so much like the apostle Peter sometimes. I thought that after I finished reading Jesus the Christ.  I asked myself how I am somewhat sitting at where he was before becoming the True Disciple that the Lord wanted him to be. I have a lot of work left to go, but I know somehow the Lord will teach me despite my thick human nature.

The Lord has been really working on building my faith, hope, and patientence lately too. I was reading in the book of Ether while my companion was writing his email and a question came to me.  How do we reach that point of having the faith like the brother of Jared? Faith, patientence, hope, and charity- all these have been on my mind, especially of the need of developing more it. Its hard having that faith and hope and being patient, which is why I think I have been having so much trouble with grasping the language.  It is because the Lord has been using it to teach me these principles.  This mission is truly a refiner’s fire.  I bear testimony that all these questions and struggles will be for my good.  Ja ne.”

First Baptism.  How exciting!

First Baptism. How exciting!

Looks like lunch to me!

Looks like lunch to me!

Probably at zone conference.

Probably at zone conference.

Picture of Izumo.  He's definately in the country.

Picture of Izumo. He’s definately in the country.

And we know that as well, Elder G.  May the Spirit testify the answers you are searching for.  And may we all have help from the Savior through our refiners fire.

  • sugoi = amazing, wonderful

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