November 23, 2013

All right.  Here is Elder G’s first email from his new area of Izumo…

“First preparation day in Izumo has arrived, and yes, I was worried I wouldn’t have access to a computer.  But as you can see, we are utilizing the computers at the church building.  We take turns doing emails, so I may not have as much time to write which might make my emails a little less lengthy.  Anyways, Izumo is sooooo far from Katsura.  I was pretty much traveling all transfer day to get here.  

First, I went to the train (sanomiya) station in Kobe which was an hour from Katsura.  We met there with the other transfers and then traveling two or more hours to get to Okayama station.  It was a pretty expensive trip-thank goodness we get reembersed.  From Okayama, we took a three hour bus ride to Izumo.  We got in at like 5-6 pm.  Izumo finally became a Elder/Sister area this transfer for the first time, so there was a set of sisters traveling too.  So my companion and the companionship of sisters all traveled together and when we got off the bus, a family from the ward and the Branch president was there to meet us.  The family took us all out to a sushi bar.  It was tasty!  

Izumo city is much smaller than Katsura; it is the only city in the area.  The rest of the area is inaka or countryside and mountains.  My new companion is awesome!  I’m having a harder time understanding him because he is native, but if the first few days are any idea about the rest of the transfer, I should have a lot of improvement coming my way in the language department.  I should definately be speaking Japanese pretty good.  

There hasn’t been any snow yet, but I am in an area that gets snow.  There is some snow on the mountains,  but that is way up high on the mountain passes.  It rains alot though so hopefully snow will arrive soon.  I am in one of the coldest areas of the mission; its probably colder here than in Utah because my area borders the sea of Japan. 

They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, so Christmas has already started showing up around the city.  Wohoo!  Not much else going on except zone conference this week.  We will have to take the bus back to Okayama and stay overnight after the conference is over.  We will then travel back the next day.  And then we will turn around and do it all over again for the Christmas devotional, etc.  Lots of traveling and being busy busy.  

Oh ya sorry as for your questions yes rice is actually expensive and you have to wash before you cook it.  Setting the table is a special lesson for our mission that our mission president made up.  It is a very basic breakdown; like your a child of God or like have you ever thought you were a child of God and stuff like that. Pretty much a basic outline of God and being children of God and like a over view of what we will be teaching them.  Its a way we prep the information in Preach My Gospel and its usually the first lesson that we teach when we track.  Well that`s about all till next week Ja ne Aishite Imasu.”


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