A New Way of Doing Things

Hey y’all.  So, I am guilty of being the busiest worstest blogger in the web.  Plus, I’ve only written to Elder G once since he left, which officially makes me the worstest sister in the world.  So, on that note, I have developed a new way of documenting his progress on the mission.  Lately, the further his mission progresses, Elder G’s emails have begun getting repetitious.  I’ve heard this happens to all missionaries the longer that they are out, but I am having a harder time being motivated to type the same things over and over.  So, instead, I am going to blog on a month by month basis.  I will update the  entries once a month (still quoting excerpts from emails).  But, instead of quoting the entire email, I will only include the most relevant info that most accurately describes whats taking place.  That way we all catch a break, since apparently I get too busy living my own life to make time to blog.  lol anyways, I feel that this is the best fit for everyone…

no worries though, I will be sure to include every picture!  Pics are my favorites!  So on to finishing the month of December…


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