January 2014

Happy 2014 everyone.  I hope everyone had a safe and well spent new year.  Elder G has been taking a lot of ‘field trips’ lately and that has made for some fun experiences and pics.

January 4th

“Happy New Year Everyone!  I am so happy that I didn’t get transferred.  I like it here in Izumo and the branch we are in is super fun-it’s great.  In fact, we are currently working on getting the branch involved in the mission efforts.  It’s a lot of work, but it will be so worth it.  Our Branch President has an amazing vision for Izumo and we will need all the man power to make it happen.  We did find a new investigator.  He is super busy, so pray that he finds the time to meet with us.  But he did seem interested when we approached him, so we shall see.  New Years Day, we made pizza at a member’s house -I was told mine was the best-leave it to an American to ace pizza ;0)   We also played a game similar to Phase 10.  We had a lunch appointment the next day and had pizza chili concarne.  It was soo good to eat anything close to Mexican because there are no Mexican anything restaurants here.  Talked about family history on Sunday.  Lots of teaching and still immense amounts of Japanese practice.  I might be senior companion next transfer.  Crazy!”

January 11th

“I have had a really exciting week.  Started it off by going to the new year’s/Christmas Okayama conference.  I was told we might get mission DVD’s?  Ya know, like pics from what happened over the last year?  Anyways, we got to watch it and it was really cool.  Then we talked numbers and mission stats.  We covered the baptisms for the year.  Then we broke for lunch and had cheesy ham rice or potatoes along with some amazing cake for dessert.  We then went back and discussed the new mission training plan in accordance with fulfilling our goals.  We have two new mission goals.  One is to have 400 investigators come to church by the Feb 2nd fast meeting.  Second is to have a baptism per companionship by March 27th.  The next day after the conference, I got a new companion!  He is from Brazil and he is teaching me some Portuguese words.  It was odd because transfers had already passed, but I guess what President Zinke says goes.    Today, for p-day, we are going to the sand museum?  Sounds interesting and a little odd but should be fun.  And I did here about the new mission president coming in the summer.  I will be sad and will really miss President Zinke, but God calls who he wants to serve and I know this new president will be a good fit for the mission.”

The new companion

The new companion

January 18th

“P-day again.  There should be another transfer coming soon, so I just might be leaving Izumo.  I don’t know, and I know I don’t really want to, but it might happen.  In 5 months, I will be at my year mark which is just insane to think about.  I hear we might start media proselyting here this year sometime although we haven’t heard definite yet.  I know that they are heavily doing that out in the states, and it sounds like a lot of fun.  We might even start using iPads here!  But, for now, its all normal housing and streeting.  We sometimes teach the gospel in a very interesting way; teaching the person English for free.  We actually hand out free English class fliers.  It gets the people to class, it opens them to trusting us, and then we have a better chance at making them investigators.  We have a committed baptism for February 9th, so keep him in your prayers that he will stick with it.  The sand museum kinda sucked, but it was funny.  I told my companion it would probably suck, but at least we would get a good laugh out of it which we did.  We also stopped by the sea of Japan recently.  My new companion and I have been having a lot of fun.  We are actually participating in a ramen challenge!

Relic at the sand museum, I'm guessing

Relic at the sand museum, I’m guessing

Sand? Solidified?

Sand? Solidified?

Gorgeous Sea of Japan.  Reminds me of Siesta Key here in Florida

Gorgeous Sea of Japan. Reminds me of Siesta Key here in Florida

Another view of a breathtaking ocean.

Another view of a breathtaking ocean.

January 25th

“Konnichiwa Minasan!  Spring starts in February here, so things are starting to warm up a lot.  Though there is one thing that does not change in the Kobe mission, and that is the rain!  It rains all the time, whether it is cold or hot! Again, don’t know when we will get technology here to help with the work, but it is rumored I might be getting an iPod with a Japanese to English dictionary on it since my hard copy is a little lingually outdated.  And there is some words and dialects that are not accounted for in the textbook Japanese.  Not much else going on.  Oh, and we didn’t get to do the ramen challenge :0( ” 

  • dendo = went
  • dendoed =went and did work (in this case, the missionary variety)

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