February 2014

Hey everyone, here it is April 14, 2014 and I am two months behind in posting.  Granted, not all of my neglectfulness is my fault.  I’ve had to attend to my in-laws who have both been on the mend from surgery.  So between an emergency trip to be with them, a couple of birthdays, and the day to day that is my life-time has gotten away from me.  But, since Elder G’s birthday is fast approaching, I thought I owed him the gift of updating everyone on his progress.  So, lets get started with February’s adventures.

February 1st

“So today is the last p-day of this transfer and it is crazy how time has flown by.  By the end of the month, I’ll have been in Japan a full six months.  Crazy, ne?  The weather is currently in swift mode, not being able to decide whether to be springish or cling to the last of winter.  For example, right now it’s warm, but tomorrow its supposed to be 0 degrees Celsius (around 32 degrees F) and get more snow throughout the week.  I wish it would make up its mind, but I hear its been like that everywhere, so at least I know that I am not alone in this.  

So this week we are pushing for meeting our January goal of 400 investigators at church throughout the mission.  As I am writing this,  I am waiting for the email containing the report to arrive, so I guess we will see what happens.  I’ll have to let you know.  Lately, I have been dealing with extreme fatigue.  At first I thought it was sickness like a cold, but after weeks of the same tired symptoms, I realized it was  something more.  So I am going to be having it checked on more and see if there is anything that I can do about it.  I have seen a doctor in Tokyo and my mission president knows about it.  It’s not like its drastically life threatening-it just interferes with the work and that is what has been the most frustrating.  But don’t worry, I know through it all, the Lord has my back and if it is something that becomes a mission long trial, I am learning to deal.”

February 8th

So this week is the start of a new transfer and I find myself in Izumo still.  First off, doing much better this week.  I have a lot more energy and I am not exhausted like I was before.  Although, now I really am fighting a cold, lol.  We have been getting lots of snow here; its so rural and quiet here all the time that it sort of feels like isolation.  Its been a good area though, just a lot of snow, rain, and quiet.  We have a new investigator and we are working towards a baptismal commitment. We are wanting to have it committed by March 23rd, but we shall see how that goes.  We have also been working on visiting some of the less actives in the ward boundaries.  

At the last zone meeting, I found out that we blew our mission goal of 400 nonmembers at church out of the ball park.  The numbers listed only 396, which made for some disappointment.  But it turns out that 5 had gotten baptized and so they couldn’t be counted towards the statistic-so we really had 4o1 people.  And it is believed that there were more that fell through the cracks; we might be looking at a 450ish number.  With man only, these numbers would be impossible, but with God all things are possible.  I have really had my testimony strengthened of this with all the miracles that have been happening mission wide.  I love that I get to have such a integral part in this great work. Til next week. Ja ne.”

February 15th

So not much going on this week.  My companion, who is on his last transfer, is trying to help me polish up my Japanese so that I can be senior comp if I stay next transfer.  That is an exciting and intimidating thought.  That would mean I teach all the lessons and stuff!  Crazy.  

We have got a new yakushosha this week.  This last week, my companion and I were going through our old area book and found an old list of investigators,  My companion called this woman and asked if she remembered who we were and she said yes.  We got her new address and started teaching her again.  We invited her to be baptized and she responded, “Ukemasu yo!”  She is set to be baptized on the 9th of March and we are in the process of preparing her.  It was divine providence that we found her, but thanks be to God for that.”

February 22nd

Our new investigator is coming along great.  We taught her the first three lessons like all three days in a row.  She is so vibrant and can feel the Spirit so strongly, and she has the desire to live with Heavenly Father again.  This desire fuels her desire to be baptized, because she knows it is the pathway to returning to Him.  Please pray for her; she has taken ill and we have to wait to meet with her again.  My companion is also sick.  This week we are going to Okayama for a mission tour being done by a member from the area presidency.  Also exciting, I am starting to teach full lessons in Japanese, woot woot.    By the way, tell Sarah’s little boy “Happy Birthday” for me!  Love ya all”


  • Yakushosha=investigator that has accepted challenge of baptism
  • “Ukemasu yo!” = an enthusiastic YES


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