March 2014

Ok, again, crazy failure on being caught up.  I actually haven’t even written to Elder G in quite awhile, I am ashamed to say.  But, I am currently going through a period of re-dedication to things that are important in my life such as temple worship and more quality time with my kid.  So I think I will add writing mission brother to the list and hopefully will have better things to report in coming months.  But a lot has taken place in the last few months including a job switch and a move cross country.  SO now this blog will come from the mountains of Utah and so bear with me as I intend to catch up what I missed when I didn’t have access to the internet.  And, for those that were wondering, my in-laws are doing much much better.  And my sister just had a baby!    So into March we go…

March 1st

“Our investigator is still sick, so I would ask if you would add her name to the temple prayer role and keep her in your constant prayers so that her spiritual progression can continue.  Second, we another person committed to baptism.  We haven’t set a date yet, but he’s been really busy and hasn’t had the time.  We played soccer on Saturday with him in the morning.  We were supposed to go out to lunch with him, but he had to reschedule.  He is wanting to put his schooling and even though he says he still has an interest, he is putting it on the back burner for things that he finds more imperative and/or more important.  My companion encouraged him to put his baptism and church first, telling him that nothing is more important than the Gospel of Christ.  He thought on this for a minute, and then agreed to meet with us another time to set something up.  He is awesome and the desire is there; I guess it is our job to refocus him and continue preparing him to take that next step.

March 8th

“So one of our investigators is still sick; its been three or four weeks now since she got sick.  One thing that is a little discouraging to watch as a missionary is when your investigators are progressing so well and then opposition steps in to try and halt their progression.  Keep praying for her that she will get better and that she will commit to a baptismal date.  Our other yakushosha is progressing wonderfully.  We met with him a few day ago and he is well on the way to a baptism date!  All of this work is so exciting!  I have to give a talk in church on charity and its been difficult because I have to write everything out; can’t just speak from the Spirit like I did in America.  SOOOOOO excited to hear that I am an Uncle again.   Omedeto Gozaimasu my dear sister!  I have 2 weeks til the end of transfer which puts me only two transfers til my halfway mark.

Through preparing my talk on charity, I guess I am getting a glimpse into how the Savior sees other people.  I guess I am starting to love people who I don’t even know and especially learning to love those I teach.  It is a difficult road to develop charity, which is why we can only develop it through Jesus Christ.  My testimony continues to grow and develop and I can feel my heart opening more and more to the truths that this Gospel provides.”

I don't know where this was taken but it is sure beautiful!

I don’t know where this was taken but it is sure beautiful!

March 15th

“Yannosan is still sick so we can’t meet with her, but our other investigator is having his baptism on Sunday!  So excited!  My talk on charity went well, it was over ten minutes which is a practical miracle.  It helped that I read two scriptures in Hiragana which ate up the time a little bit.  Its finally starting to warm up here and the Sakura tress are getting ready to bloom.  The most exciting thing that happened this week was when we were out on splits.  I was was the district leader and we stayed the night outside our area.  We all were awaken in the night however by an EARTHQUAKE!!  It wasn’t that bad, about 4 tremors in a row, but it was close enough to feel it.  It was kinda cool cause now I can say I’ve experienced an earthquake which is something I haven’t been able to claim.  One of the elders who is from California said it felt like a 5.0, something that I guess is pretty normal in CA.”

This is suppose to be a picture of those trees that are blooming.

These are those trees that he said are blooming. Spring is on the way!

March 22nd

“This is transfer week and my companion left for the mission home so he can go back to Brazil.  Izumo will continue to be my home through a fourth transfer; if I stay through one more I’ll have been here through a quarter of my mission.  My new companion is from Central America, I believe Guatemala.  I am now senior Companion or Senpai in Japanese.  It’s crazy, but really cool!  We also had our baptism on Sunday the 23rd and it went really well.  This investigator was so excited to be baptized; one of the members of the ward who is his friend performed the baptism.  I will be performing the confirmation next Sunday all in Japanese which will take a lot of faith on my part.  Our sick investigator is now feeling better and she plans to attend church this coming Sunday.  She needs a few more lessons and she can then commit to her baptism.  

It has been to work really hard here in Izumo and see the fruit of those labors.  I have been truly blessed to see such success here.  Until Thursday, I shall be in Yonago with a Zone leader who lost his companion when my previous companion went home; they both went home to Brazil.  There will then be a district meeting on Friday and we will probably play some soccer on Saturday.”

Picture of Elder G and his new companion

March 31st 

“The confirmation didn’t happen this Sunday because the new member couldn’t make it to church and so we are hoping for this next week.  I am excited to have him complete the baptismal covenants through the baptism of the spirit.  In other news, my companion and I have been battling some nasty colds, so that’s been not so fun.  We have found two new investigators, a mom and son, but their situation is not ideal given the son has a mental disorder and the mother is dying.  Its tough to swallow having someone tell you that, but I have to trust that God has lead us into their lives for a reason and hopefully we can bring them so comfort through the teaching of the Plan of Happiness. “

We join our testimonies with yours and pray for all your investigators that they will be inspired and that they will find peace.


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