April 2014

Again, as mentioned in the last post, so sorry for the delay.  I moved with my family across the country and aside from phone data, I didn’t have a lot of internet access.  Plus between packing, moving, and the driving time-plus the settling in time, I have been soo busy.  But, never fear, I am going to get us all caught up by the end of the day….so here’s to April!

April 5th

“So this transfer has been great so far.  I have learned so much as a senior companion and I feel like I am becoming a better missionary everyday.  I got over my cold, thank goodness!  We finally got the new member confirmed and it went beautifully.  We ended up doing it after church because his school needed him again for something and he was way late to sacrament meeting.  But Mission President gave the go ahead and we got it taken care of.  A new goal for the mission is 100 baptism by June and so companion and I have been making some personal companionship goals in order to better reach this.  Don’t worry about my birthday coming up- a member says they are going to bake me a cheesecake!” 

April 12th

“So this week marks my first bday in Japan.  Its hard to believe I’m 20!  Its pretty interesting being senior companion, but I keep being told that if I keep heading in the direction I’m going, I could make District Leader next transfer.  The Japanese summer is going to be crazy hot.  It’s like Florida or worse in the way of humidity.  General Conference was AWESOME!  Loved it!  Got to watch here in Izumo in English which was really nice.  My bday will be like any other mission day, talking to people about the Gospel.  To make the week even better, I found out that Elder Christofferson is coming next month and we are all so excited here.”

April 19th

“Ok so quick lol.  I didn’t realize it was Easter until the talks were given in sacrament.  Anyways, my bday was good,  The cheesecake was absolutely delicious.  Besides Dad’s, it was one of the best cheesecakes I have ever had in my life.  Izumo has been really rainy and cool, but it has been warming up some here though  We have been working a lot on finding new investigators here and have been really working on understanding people more and talk a whole lot better in Japanese.  We played soccer on Saturday with some branch members and a person we are helping to progress.  It was really fun, but I am really sore right now.  This week went by really quickly, but then again so has this transfer. “

100_4725 (1)

Yummy Cheesecake

  April 26th

“So this is the last prep day of the transfer.  Last week went by so quickly, sometimes it feel like a week is one day or that you have been out longer than you really have been.  This week has been filled with contacts.  We found some potentials, they are from Brazil.  So, we now have a second language barriers.  My companion speaks Spanish so hopefully we can teach them.  In other news, Japanese summers will be HOT.  Tomorrow we have a dinner appointment with our ward mission leader, so that will be fun.  Next week,, Ill find out if stay or leave Izumo.  In May, I am going to Osaka to listen to a mission conference featuring Elder Christopherson.  It will be a great experience having 250 missionaries all listening to a general authority of the Lord.    I’m looking forward to it very much.”

Let The Good Times Roll!

Let The Good Times Roll!


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