November 17, 2013 (Second Area)

Well as stated above, he did transfer and I’ll let him tell you where he went… (the email is postdated right after he got papers.  He hadn’t physically transfered yet)

“Ok ok, so first big news!  As you all know transfer week has arrived and it has happened-I am leaving Katsura and will be headed to Izumo and its inaka (or lack of city-I guess it’s in the country).   My companion will be Nihon-jin (Japanese) which is great because I still don’t speak as great in comparasion with others and being with a native should help tremendously!  So if you don’t know, Izumo is on the other side of the mission.  It borders the Fukuoka mission.  It’s a long train ride out and where I will be at it will probably recieve a lot of snow.  This will be so much fun.  My district pretty much called it; they swore I would go to the country with a native speaker.  Guess they were right!  

This week has been great.  Our solid investigator had some progress in a not so usual way.  She met with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and she said that she didn’t feel anything when they taught her.  And then one day, she went out looking for churchs and when she came back to the house, she heard the doorbell ring and it was us.  She says that that was the moment she felt she knew the church was true. So she does want baptism, but she wants to  think about it?  All on their own time, but it is still super exciting.  

We had our bikes confistcated by the police because my companion and I accidently parked them is a no parking spot.  But, funny story, its because of this, we actually found an investigator.  The Lord works in mysterious ways…and don’t worry, we got the bikes back.  

Got lots to do in prep for transfer.  Got shopping and packing so my bags are ready to ship to the other side of the mission.  My prep day is going to be awesome mundane fun!  Three days left from this email in Katsura.  I’m sad about it sorta.  I got accustomed to the city, and got used to the missionaries and investigators.  I hate leaving my investigators behind, but I guess you go where the Lord wants to go and on His timing.   Hopefully there will be a place to email next week.  If not, I’ll have to go old style letter format!  lol.  Til then, from Katsura for the last time.  Ja ne, love you.”

Well there you have it folks.  Izumo it is. Here it is on the map.


Godspeed Elder G.  Our prayers and testimonies go with you.


November 9, 2013 (Farewell Katsura)

So I apologize, this email is the last week of his time in Katsura.  I totally messed that up.  Never having gone on a mission myself, sometimes these terms and timelines get all mixed up in my brain.  Anyways, this email is short, but we shall have more to look forward to when he transfers.

“Well, here it is.  The last preparation day of my second transfer.  Next week is transfer orders and I am really kinda excited to see whether or not I am leaving.  We shall see eh?  I guess I’ll just have to work really hard to make the time speed by; that way I don’t die with anticipation.  Not that I’m in a hurry to leave-I loved my time here in Katsura-but, since this will technically be my first transfer, its kinda exciting.  

We have a fairly solid investigator. She is trying to commit to coming to church every Sunday.  We are meeting with her on Wednesday; teaching her another lesson.  And we have some potential investigators this week that we hope to make atarashi investigators.  We have been housing a lot, and lesson that we teach when we arrive at the new house is the chart, so it has been getting pretty same old same old.  But, I can definately say that I have the chart well versed.  

This last Sunday was Stake Conference which was really great.  I understood some of it.  I heard lots of kuiaratame or repentance in  there, and there was a lot of mention of the Spirit.  There was actually a speaker who was pretty profound I guess, and was pretty blunt and straight forward.  We have dubbed him the Japanese Jeffery R. Holland.  

No pictures this week.  Last preparation day, I slept alot.  But we are going out this week, so prehaps I will have something interesting to share.  Just know that life of a missionary is busy, but awesome busy!  Ja ne, love you!”

  • atarashi ivestigator= new investigator
  • kuiaratame=repentance
  • nato=okay

November 3, 2013

I am so guilty of falling behind! Thanksgiving and Christmas preps have kept me quite busy, but hopefully with Christmas being only a week away, life will start to slow down just a little bit.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you are gearing up for a maginificient Christmas.  This next email is Elder G’s last one from his first area of the mission.  Here it goes…

“Hello, Mina-san,  its that time of the week again.  Everything is going great and the teaching pool has been actually increasing.  It had been decreasing in our area, but with the help of the Lord, its starting to turn around.  I have been really relying on Him in this work.  I have got a lot of work to do in the next two weeks here in Katsura because there is a good chance I will probably be transferred.  I am predicting that I will go to Osaka North, but I am also predicting that I will be Zone leader at third transfer which would make me the youngest (in mission lingo) they’ve had lol.  Now the chances of that happening is wide open so we shall see.  

We have a pretty good progressing investigator that we met while housing and  taught her the ‘setting the table’ lesson which is a special mission specific lesson that President Kaicho has put into practice.  We also teach a special lesson on the sacrament and on prayer. But, this woman has been taught the chart and the sacrament and prayer.  She is talking about going to church the Sunday after stake conference.  So prehaps we have a baptismal date in sight? Only God knows…

We went to Arashiyama again.  Revisted the monkey mountain and all the great things about the spot.  I have pictures to send this week from my camera and my companions, but it will have to wait on my companions photos because his batteries died.  Yuck!  It is starting to get cold here and you can definately feel winter coming.  

My Japanese is starting to much better.  Bore my testimony in Japanese at Fast and Testimony.  I kinda cheated though.  I wrote in on a piece of paper, memorized it, and then repeated it at the meeting.  It feels great to be grasping more and more each day.  Been doing a lot of housing which is giving me a great opportunity to improve and better my skills.   Well, here are the pictures that were promised…





 He’s looking good, and so are these monkeys! It must be so fun being there!  Anyways, I hope he has a great transfer and some blessing in the baptisimal department.  He is working so hard and he totally deserves it!  No new Japanese this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to teach you some new words soon…til then…

October 26, 2013

For some reason, I am missing a few weeks of letters, so skipping ahead a couple of weeks into his mission, here is the letter I received just tonight from this great young man!

“Konnichiwa Everyone!  Its crazy, but second transfer is close to ending and every time I think about it, it boggles my mind that I could be this close.  My mission is just speeding along, and I know I say that almost every time I write but when you work this hard you can lose track of time.  And when you finally catch your breath and look up from your work, you realize more than half a transfers gone by and you didn’t realize it.  Anyways, things are good-as good as they get.  My interview with President Kaicho was short-felt very in and out- but I didn’t have any questions or concerns.  Had some training which was great!  It was about being humble and trusting the Lord to invite persons to come unto Christ; you know, put it in his hands and don’t really worry about the rest.  It was so simple, yet so profound.  My words can hardly do it justice.  President Kaicho is a great man!  After my interview, had a one on one with one of the assistants about my concerns or investigators.  You know, mission stuff :0)

Been a bit of rough week because my companion thought for sure he lost the phone, but is was all good because the phone turned up at church.  The phone is not really working though, so we had to send it into the mission home to get it fixed and they are sending a temp.  Not fun…  We have been doing a LOT of tracking or housing, as we call it here.  With the phone being out of commission its hard to make appointments.  With all that trouble, we will probably track til the end of the transfer.  

Other than that, not much else going on.  Today, we are going back up to the Arashiyama mountains since my companion has never been.  Then we will be visiting a few new places up that way, so expect another round of pictures next week, woot woot!  Love everyone.  Not much else going on so till next week, mata ne aishite imasu.”

There was a few other sections in the letter, but they were mostly answers to some of my mother’s questions and discussing how he won’t celebrate Thanksgiving and it bites because of all the great food he will be missing out on.  I will hopefully get a reply next week and I will probably do some of my own research about specific Japanese Halloween traditions.  Til then, and a safe a Happiest of Halloweens!

October 19, 2013

Here it is folks!  The big picture post… that’s right, Elder G has finally sent pictures and by pictures, I mean like twenty.  So bear with me as I post these because chances are this will be a very long post to read and go through.  But a lot of the pictures are super cool, so it will totally be worth it.  Along with the photos, he sent a short letter, so I will post that first and then kinda start a stream of pictures with their brief descriptions which he provided.

“So, everyone, pictures are finally here, Yay!  Funny story about that…I bought this really expensive card reader at the MTC and when I get to Japan it doesn’t work which is a real bummer and waste of my money right?  Well, here I bought this reader for 100 yen (which is about a dollar in American currency) and it totally rocks.  So ya, pics, pics, and more pics coming your way!  

Things are busy, but fairly normal.  Haven’t had hardly any lessons this week, so mostly been tracking; though we did gather three potentials.  Our not-so-ready investigator is getting closer to baptism-keep the prayers coming for him.  There are some concerns that we are trying to sort through and all the prayers you could give on his behalf would be great.  Walked a lot though and probably knocked on about 200 doors in the last three days -which sounds like a lot but it is pretty normal… whew…

Its hard to believe that I am nearly halfway through my second transfer.  We had a Zone training meeting in the Otsu area.  Lots of plans coming up for our areas and for the mission which we aren’t allowed to talk about right now, but they have me fairly excited.  Its been raining and raining and chilly; definitely can feel that it is moving towards winter here.  Not much else going on besides interviews with President Kaicho on Thursday.  But since my time is short, I will leave it at that and get to sending all of the promised awaited pictures.  Ja ne and love you all.”

Ok so here are the photos.  Some of them date back a ways, but they are all pretty great.

Last week at the MTC. Picture of the District, I think

Last week at the MTC. Picture of the District, I think

Preparation Day climbing up the mountains in Kobe

Preparation Day climbing up the mountains in Kobe

Assuming this is a picture of Kyoto...he didn't actually list what this was

Assuming this is a picture of Kyoto…he didn’t actually list what this was

Katsura through his apartment window

Katsura through his apartment window

Elder G at the Kyoto Eki (train station) looking cool

Elder G at the Kyoto Eki (train station) looking cool

Elder G in front of the Kyoto Tower

Elder G in front of the Kyoto Tower

A small shrine that they visited on p-day.

A small shrine that they visited on p-day.

At the Shrine.  Cool dragon figure...

At the Shrine. Cool dragon figure…

Map of the Imperial Villa at the shrine.  The missionaries weren't allowed to go in so he took a photo of the map to give people a general idea.

Map of the Imperial Villa at the shrine. The missionaries weren’t allowed to go in so he took a photo of the map to give people a general idea.

Taken on a visit to the Arashiyama Mountains

Taken on a visit to the Arashiyama Mountains

Katsuragawa River during mountain trip

Katsuragawa River during mountain trip

Elder G in front of the Arashiyama Mountain Range

Elder G in front of the Arashiyama Mountain Range

P-day trip to the Kobe zoo. This was also the last day with his first companion and trainer.

P-day trip to the Kobe zoo. This was also the last day with his first companion and trainer.

I love his face in this one.  SO silly, Elder!

I love his face in this one. SO silly, Elder!

A real panda in the Kobe zoo.  It wouldn't turn around for him, so he had to get the picture from the back.

A real panda in the Kobe zoo. It wouldn’t turn around for him, so he had to get the picture from the back.

Well, if these pictures don’t prove that he is having the best two years of his life, then I don’t think anything will.  Til next posting and in the words of our Elder, Ja na everyone!

October 5,2013

It’s October here is sunny Florida, and I am desperately missing the coldness of Utah.  I wish I were back out that direction so that I could enjoy all the pretty colors with the great folks and friends I know out that direction.  But despite the heat,  I have holiday delights already underway and the house is covered top to bottom with orange and black everywhere.  I’m even getting together a little costume party for my son.  I wonder how the Japanese celebrate Halloween?  I will have to send that question out to Elder G for some feedback.  Here is the letter from the first weekend in October…

“This letter is going to have to be pretty short, but I’ll make up for it because guess what?  I bought a new card reader finally so I am going to see about sending some decent photos next time around.  Let’s all cross our fingers.  I am still in Katsura, so I didn’t move when transfers came.  I got a new companion and trainer though.  He is a third transfer, so we are both pretty new which is making the teaching really fun.  

I was in Himeji for three days which was great because I got to see Himeji castle.  It was under renovation and you couldn’t see that much of it, but it was still very awesome.  I’ll just have to visit after my mission.  We proselyted at the train station for all three days that I was there and we found a few people who might be interested.  I tried my first full contact in Japanese and that was pretty terrifying, but I’ve gotten so much better.  It doesn’t feel weird to speak the language anymore and it’s starting to feel more and more natural.  I’m actually starting to think in Japanese which is SOOOO cool!

My new companion and I get along great and we work really hard and really well together.  Our October 27th baptism might need to be pushed back again, because he is still not ready or won’t be by then.  But, as I have stated before, I would rather has him committed and prepared to take on the covenants, than jump in and then fall away.

I got to see General Conference over the weekend.  It was awesome as usual and as expected.  It wasn’t in Japanese (we got to watch it in English).  It seemed to go by way faster than I ever remember it going though in America, but then I feel like my whole mission is just flying right by.  It’s kinda sad to think about quickly its passing.  Not much else going on.  Again, hope to get pictures to everyone next week! Ja ne!” 

I hope he gets those pictures soon!  I’m so excited to actually see what we have been hearing soo much about.  Til then, I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous week.  May the Lord bless you all!

September 28, 2013

Loving life is something I have always believed in.  No matter where we are or what we are doing, it is crucial to love our lives, who we are, and what we do.  Elder G is a perfect example to me of someone who loves who he is, where he is, and what God wants of him.  He definitely raises the bar for my life and my family as I try to be more like that in my day to day doings.

“Hello again.  One thing I have learned here on the mission, truly when we are in the service of fellow beings and God full-time, time flies by quickly and you lose yourself.  The first transfer is nearly over.  The guy I mentioned last week, the one from Vietnam?  It has been really fun to teach him though I almost have to self teach my self Vietnamese in order to progress with the work; definitely could use some prayers for the gift of tongues right now.  Teaching is a blast though.  Talking to everyone lately has put everything in a new light for me concerning the gospel and how and when to share it.  I have learned how crucial it is to ask specific questions in order to receive specific answers.  I have also learned how important being a true disciple is and more importantly what that really means.  A true disciple knows our Savior through study, prayer, and the Holy Ghost -who testifies so powerfully of the truth.  One thing that has really struck me and its something that I have been praying to know, is what does it mean to know Jesus Christ?  How do we know him and not just know of him?  I pray that God will lead my questions to answers soon, so that I may better be a disciple worthy of His love.  Japan is truly sacred ground to me as I have learned so much and fought so many of my own personal battles.  Truly the best experience and refiners fire a person could wish for.  

We taught about four lessons last week, one of them being with a new investigator.  A while back, we went tracking for potential investigators and knocked on a door of an apartment.  My companion introduced us and we were invited in.  While we waited in the front room of the house, there was this weird buddhist chanting.  it continued during the lesson which makes for a funny and somewhat distracting experience.  Anyways, long story short, the guy ended up trying to convert us saying that if we didn’t join his religion, we would end up going to Hades.  The lesson ended shortly after with last part of the conversation being him telling us he would join the church if we tell him the names of Heavenly Father’s parents… we think he might an equivalent to a bishop in the church, but it was still an interesting experience.  He said he would come to church, so we shall see…

I had another exchange this week with the other zone leader.  My Japanese is getting better; I can actually form sentences quite easily now on paper.  I can also write fairly easily in Hiragana.  I also am getting better at understanding the Kanji Katakana.  The trainer training meeting went well.  

Let’s see… later today looking at seeing some shrines.  I’m also going to get another haircut and we have a lesson to teach tonight.  Looking forward to General Conference, although I will receive it a week later then everyone else.  Please keep praying for our investigators and that we can continue to find people. Until then, Ja ne!”

September 22, 2013

After all of that delicious and somewhat disgusting food from the last post, I am thankful for my pizza and mac and cheese-aren’t you?  Anyways, here is his next email dated for September 23rd (Japan time)…

“Preparation Day is here again in the Kobe Mission.  I did survive the second typhoon that blew through here if you were worried.  We were actually really blessed because we had planned to go out and something made us really late, so by the time we were going to go out, we ended up missing and pretty much staying out of the storm which was pretty divinely guided.  The Katsura river is overflowing-it doesn’t affect were we are located, but its was crazy to see as we were biking across the bridge that crosses the river last p-day.  The water was so high!  It’s receded a bit, but let’s all pray that the typhoons will stay away for now.  The weather is quite hot and humid still, but it should be cooling off soon as we enter the month of October or so I’m told.  I here winters get crazy cold, so that will be interesting lol.  

The work here is going well.  We had an investigator come to church on Sunday.  We actually tracked into him on the street.  He is from Vietnam.  His English and Japanese are not to good, so teaching him will be interesting, but he seems willing to listen hopefully the Spirit will teach him.  Definitely the perfect scenario for that.  And we have a lot of lessons this week to do; actually going to head out for two right after we do our emailing.  

I love everything that I am doing; whether it be an exchange or what-its been awesome.  Oh, that reminds me of a story…ok, so, the last exchange I did.  I was up in Shimogamo and this elder,Elder Miller, and I got talking about the Hobbit.  Anyways, I have now apparently been dubbed Smaug by this Elder.  I don’t know why-he’s a fairly interesting person to say the least.  And speaking of other Lord of the Rings news, I named my bike Shadowfax.  

Smaug, the mighty Dragon

Smaug, the mighty Dragon

Elder G, the mighty missionary...not sure I see the resemblance!

Elder G, the mighty missionary…not sure I see the resemblance!

Going to a trainer training meeting with the entire east half of the mission tomorrow.  We had to push our second baptismal date back because the young man is just not ready to make those commitments which is sad ,but we are working hard to prepare him.  Our other investigator is starting to read the Book of Mormon everyday and praying everyday without us committing him to do it!  Great news to us.  I am going to get a mini Book of Mormon in Japanese to help make it easier to teach.  Love everyone!”

  • yaksoksha=investigator
  • morumon sho o yomimasu=Book of Mormon
  • mainichi inote=read everyday

September 15, 2013

Elder is doing great, ladies and gents.  This is the email we got a little over a month ago and it goes a little something like this…

“Hey everyone!  Another preparation day here.  It has been so crazy here.  My doryo (companion) is the district leader so I have to travel around a lot.  Because of that, I have been out of Katsura a lot!  Things are going great though the key indicators have been a little low especially in church attendance.  We try to encourage our kyudosha (investigators) to come even though they might by busy, but it hasn’t been in the plan as of yet.  Just keep them in your prayers if you would-that they will feel the need and drive to come and partake of the glorious fruit of the gospel.  We actually have a baptism coming up on the 29th of this month which I am so looking forward too.  And there is another potential baptism from a referral we received from another set of missionaries in Shomogamo.  SO possibly two baptisms coming up.  WOOT! WOOT!  Kyoto is fun.  There has been a definite break through with the work here although the adversary is hard against us in this area and trying to mess with things, so I would appreciate any prayers that the Kyoto area can have some baptismal and conversion success.  

Our apartment is on the fourth floor of our building and its a good size.  We are the only companionship there so we don’t need a lot of space though.  It has a washer and we hang dry our clothes here, so a little bit different from American amenities.  Its really nice though because of the space; we have a room for study and a room for our suitcases, so all in all pretty sweet.  

So far my favorite delicacy here is okonamiyaki or cabbage pancakes and they are delicious!  I will definitely make some for you all when I get back.  The teriyaki is pretty good too as well as fried octopus balls and mochi which is a rice paste with bean on it.  I have also eaten nato, which I will refrain from explaining because it will probably gross you out lol.  They do eat American rice here and lots of ramen (although ramen will never be the same for me cause its legit here!)  Spaghetti and korean BBQ is delicious along with fried rice.  I just recently tried Indian curry when we went out to eat.    There is just to many good foods to name them all, but those are some of my favorites…



Takoyaki or fried octopus balls

Takoyaki or fried octopus balls

Mocchi or a Japanese rice pastry thing

Mocchi or a Japanese rice pastry thing

Natto or "soybean mush" lol

Natto or “soybean mush” lol

We had one dinner appointment so far.  The ward is awesome and they really like me although I can’t speak really well or understand them.  Its really small; perhaps estimating 23 people not counting the missionaries.  Lets hope the numbers increase soon.  Keep all my investigators in your prayers.  Love you all.  Til next week.”

  • Okonomiyaki– Loved throughout the ages in Japan, “Okonomiyaki” is often described as a “Japanese-style pizza” and is a dish that is especially popular in Osaka. Fresh vegetables, meat, fish and/or shellfish are blended into the batter that is used as a base, and that mixture is then poured onto the griddle. Once it is cooked, a special sauce – together with mayonnaise – is brushed on top, a further topping of dried bonito or seaweed is applied. The taste of the Japanese people, Okonomiyaki is something everyone should try at least once.
  • Takoyaki (たこ焼き or 蛸焼) or fried or baked octopus balls is made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps , pickled ginger, konnyaku, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver (aonori), mayonnnaise, and katsuobashi (fish shavings), originating in Osaka. Making takoyaki requires aa special frying pan made of cast with hemispherical molds.  Although takoyaki can easily be made at home if the equipment is available, it is usually considered to be fast food and mostly sold on the streets. Frozen takoyaki are also sold, and there are restaurants in which customers can cook their own takoyaki at their tables. Takoyaki is especially popular in the Kansai area, but has risen in popularity all over Japan. In the Kansai region, takoyaki is eaten as a side dish with a bowl of cooked rice. Elsewhere in Japan, it is eaten without rice as a snack food.

  • Ramen is a noodle dish that was originally imported to Japan from China. Over the last few decades, however, ramen has become a typical Japanese dish and gained great popularity inside and outside of Japan. Ramen noodles are about as thin as spaghetti and are served in a soup with various toppings.

  • Nattō (なっとう or 納豆?) is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans.  It is popular especially as a breakfast food.  Nattō may be an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavor, and slimy texture.
  • Mochi (?) is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutenous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsukiWhile also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time.

September 7, 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting again.  I really lose track of time from time to time and all of the sudden I realize its been a month  since I have posted on Elder G’s behalf.  Well, as horrible as that is, at least I strive to keep up with this blog.  I haven’t even begun to update my blog and it been since May that I have done that.  Anyways, it sounds as if everything is going well with our Elder.  Here are a few weeks worth emailing.

“Well, Konnichiwa, it’s preparation day again.  It feels weird, because up until now I have loved p-day, but since being here I want nothing more than to be out on the street talking to people.  Tracking is so fun.  Those of you who haven’t served missions, you don’t even know lol.  Everything around me is starting to make sense and its all going great; except for last Wednesday anyways.  Last Wednesday, during the typhoon (more like a tropical storm) that blew through, my Preach My Gospel got drenched so I now have to by a new one.  My scriptures also took a hit, but never fear, I am buying a pair off my companion-the one from Pocatello, ID.  He is on his last transfer.  The scriptures look exactly like mine; he is just selling them for a lot cheaper than I would get from the homebu or mission home.  So ya, that was the bad part of the week, but still fun I suppose.   

Typhoon Man-yi in September.  View from a news report.  I can see why his scriptures got soaked.

Typhoon Man-yi in September. View from a news report. I can see why his scriptures got soaked.

Our current city of Katsura is more on the outskirts of Kyoto.  Katsura is where our apartment and church building is; the place actually used to be an old fish market. We have a downtown though; downtown is crazy, especially on a weekend night.  Lots of people and cars and such; in fact, the Kyoto Station is in our area.  It’s one of the biggest transportation stations in Japan.  We have ridden on trains and buses many times; they are our two major forms of transportation, outside of biking and walking of course.  

Kyoto Train and Bus Station.  Its so huge!!
Kyoto Train and Bus Station. Its so huge!!

Yesterday we had to see about getting a referral for an investigator who lives in our area.  This investigator is currently being taught by a companionship outside our area, so both of us our trying to work on it.  Although, when we got there, we found out he had canceled the appointment.  But there was another reason that we were sent there; I had been feeling prompted to talk to an Elder who was in my MTC district.  He is here in my district in Kobe.  Anyways, my companion had District Leader stuff to do and I got to follow up on a prompting; the Lord most certainly works in mysterious ways.  

I had a  companion exchange.  It went good.  It was different working with someone who is not my companion.  But, its something I should get used to though-I have several over the next few weeks.  We have had four lessons and we had one investigator come to church on Sunday.  We have also committed one of our progressing investigators to baptism and he accepted, woot!  I can’t send pictures because my card reader isn’t working, but I hope that I can get this fixed soon.  Continue to keep me in your prayers and continue to keep my companions and investigators in your prayers.  There are a lot of anti-Mormon groups who target those who begin to except the gospel here and ridicule and make life difficult for them.  So, please pray that life will go easier for them.  Hope all is going well.  Love you all.”

  • Eki=station (so Kyoto Eki is Kyoto Station)
  • baptisna= baptism interview
  • nichiyobi= yesterday
  • gomenisi= sorry
  • homebu= mission home
  • jane= bye